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Registered Office:

1, Pancholi Vihar, Opp Lazeez Hotel
New Sanganer Road,
Jaipur, Rajasthan-302021
Rajasthan, INDIA

Contact Number:

Telephone Number :
Mobile Number :

Contact Person:

Anurag Srivastava

Email Us:


Approach Autism Society, Jaipur

  • 1. Sponsor Van Commutation of a Child Rs500/- per month.

  • 2. Sponsor Remedial Class of a Child @Rs1000 per month.

  • 3. Sponsor 10nos. of One-On-One Session of a Child @Rs3000 per month.

  • 4. To meet individual therapeutic and medicinal needs of person with the disability Rs. 5000/- per month.

  • 5. Sponsor for a child’s one month nutritious food expenses Rs. 3000/-

Who we are:

A non profit organization (Self Help Group of Parents of Children with Autism) that works mainly for children with autism.



To establish infrastructure for persons with autism and multiple disability which offers equitable, barrier free and dignified services and offers them opportunity for lively hood with support of resourceful, skilled members/ stakeholders of the community/ society.

What we do:

  • Remedial Set UpRemedial class puts an emphasis on building basic interaction skills, pre-academic skills, pre-vocational skills and concept building.
  • One On One SessionEmphasis on table top working with child with autism to develop his span of scanning, instruction follow – up, independent working, educational programme as per IEP.
  • Train The Trainer: Train The Trainer programme, a 48 Hrs i.e. 6 Hrs per week classroom and practical session for parents, educators in mainstream schools, special schools, OTs, SLPs, psychologists and anyone involved with individuals with autism receiving education in mainstream classrooms or special school.

How will your donations help:

  • Pick and drop of a child Rs500/- for a month.
  • Special Education for a child Rs1000/- for a month.
  • Special Education for two children Rs2000/- for a month.
  • Remedial Class of children Rs10000/- for a month.
  • Pre-Vocational Items and OT equipments Rs25000/-